Mission Trips

Dominican Republic and Haiti Missions

    Please note our Mission Trips Calendar for upcoming events (meetings, fundraisers, etc.).  We’d love volunteers to help with each of these events …. or join us for good food and fellowship!


    Our Green Bay diocesan newspaper, The COMPASS, in their May 17th publication, had a great article on the 2019 Deacons' building project with Fr. Mike Seis in Elías Piña, D.R.

    Each of our seven mission groups had similar experiences, and many of our volunteers are anxious for another mission trip to the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  Our leadership team is in the process of setting dates for our next mission trips, and once we have that information we’ll make it available to you on St. Philip’s website.

   We have had volunteers celebrate their 80th birthday during their mission trip, and we’ve had teenagers accompanied by a parent or grandparent.  Most of our projects revolve around construction, but we don’t expect all our volunteers to be experienced in laying cement blocks.  What can you do?  Well, some of our volunteers straighten nails, hand the blocks to those who are laying them, carry small pails of mortar .... there’s always something where you can be of help.

   All our volunteers pay their own way ($1,400), and so all of the monies raised for our projects go to purchasing the materials for the projects they’ll be working on.  The $1,400 that our volunteers pay covers the cost of transportation and room and board at the project sites.

   Our mission trips are during the months of January to March, which are generally a time of little rainfall, advantageous for building projects.  Not to mention that this a great time to leave Wisconsin for two weeks and be in the Caribbean.

   Over the past years we have had generous friends of our missions who have financially supported our projects, but we also count on our volunteers to do additional fundraising among family and friends; we give all of our volunteers a goal of raising $1,000.

    Our mission groups are limited in number of volunteers at the different sites depending on rooms available at each site:
                         Haiti           5-6 volunteers
                         San Juan    6 volunteers
                         Elías Piña   10 volunteers

    A message from you, and a $100 deposit, can get your name on the list for 2020.  When you call or email us, please be sure to indicate which site you would like to work at.


Mission Trips Calendar




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