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We hope that as you become more informed about financial and estate planning, you will identify approaches that will benefit you as well as your parish.  As you develop your own estate plan, please consider including your parish in it, after you make sure your needs and those of your loved ones are taken care of.

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Use Electronic Fund Transfer for your Giving.

To make their Sacrificial Giving commitment more convenient, about 50 parish families have chosen to automatically transfer funds from their checking or savings account to the St Philip the Apostle account. Nearly $5,000 is now being transferred to St. Philip each month.  Automatic fund transfers have proven to be an efficient and convenient method for people to meet their financial commitments. It is also very helpful for budgeting and planning the various parish programs and expenses throughout the year.

If you wish to take advantage of this convenient method of making regular church contributions, please complete the "Electronic Funds Transfer Form". Or you can contact the parish office for a copy of this form. Fill it out completely and deposit it in the collection basket or mail to the parish office.